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According to individual needs of a patient and medical indications we will develop a program of abroad treatment, select a leading specialist and organize a trip.
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Surgical treatment is prescribed at II, III and IV stage of hallux valgus. As a result: you receive complete recovery of correct form of a foot, normal joint mobility, removal of a bunion. Discharge after a surgery or the next day.
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You can get up in a 1,5 hour after the surgery! You can walk normally and immediately return to your capacity for work in 10 days without using special shoes and crutches!

Hallux valgus treatment, foot bunion removal

Treatment of valgus deformity of the big toe in the metatarsophalangeal joint (Hallux valgus).
Shortest terms of recovery, unique surgery!

Take care of your health and we will glad to help you anytime!

Unique method of a surgery

Complete recovery in 10 days after surgery

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According to individual needs of patients and medical indications we:

offer a unique Hallux valgus surgery in Germany
(removal of bunions on foot and legs)

complete accompany of a patient during his stay in Germany for surgery

organize a trip (including visa support)

select an accommodation near the medical center

deliver to the medical center and back to the place of residence

offer personal accompaniment during the treatment of a patient in Germany

professional translation of medical documents

Hallus valgusWe offer organization of additional consultations and VIP service.

Hallux valgus Hallux valgus
Before bunion surgery After bunion surgery

Bunions on the feet

Hallux Valgus (bunions) on the feet is fairy widespread problem. Bunions on the feet can occur at any age, and it should be noted, that a big bunion on a foot may become a big problem when you select shoes for yourself: it is hard to wear shoes with high heels, additionally with that problem on the feet you may get a cross flatfoot. There are 4 stages of severity of bunions. Depending on the “level” of disease our specialist can offer various methods of bunion removal, but all they require serious surgery and long rehabilitation period. Modern medicine is inclined to the next view: removal of a bunion is a necessary thing, because with the age the problem is only getting worse and there will come a time when it would be too late to do a surgery!

For information: Surgery of removing bunion can be done in any city in any country even free of charge, because this surgery is in the list of free municipal surgeries. But it will be done with usual classical technique, possibly with titanium screws that have to be removed, with wearing special footwear (Baruka) during few weeks and using crutches. And after surgery a recovery will be a long process up to six months. Our method is unique, only three surgeons in the world do that operation using this technique and two of them are in our clinic.

Foot bunion


Our clinic offer minimal invasive method of surgery on feet with minimum period (10 days) of recovery after removing foot bunions. Surgery may be performed immediately on both feet or step by step: at first they remove a bunion on one foot then after two months on another.

  • Before surgery of removing bunions doctor conducts special consultations
  • During removing bunions we suggest local or general anesthesia
  • Our surgery means minimally invasive surgery that corrects position of the big toe
  • After surgery you can step on metatarsus on both feet




of bunions

It is pointless to smear bunions (foot bones) with ointment. Bunion is a bone excrescence on foot and if you are suffering from the hallux valgus deformity, do not wait! Do surgery! Various correctors and ointments for bunions do not give a stable result, because they can only get rid of symptoms, they can not treat the cause of a problem. Existing foot bunion can be removed only by surgery. Our unique method of surgery allows you to walk in two hours after surgery without using special footwear, without crutches and titanium screws! All costs of our services you can find out in section "prices". Cost of the treatment is a price of beauty and health of your feet! Bring joy to your legs!

Hallus valgusIf you want to find out more about services and prices, please, call the following numbers:

  • Germany, Wismar: +49 (160) 377 96 38 (consultation, free of charge)
  • Russia: +7 (927) 247 28 28 (organizational and general questions)
  • Russia: +7 (917) 874 11 99 (organizational and general questions)
Treatment and surgery of Hallux Valgus

Surgery of Hallux Valgus

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Surgery of Hallux Valgus

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