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of foot bunions,

bunion removal

Success of your surgery largely depends on how closely you will follow your doctor recommenda-tions!

Hallux Valgus surgery

Surgery is performed according to Chevron method, taking into account unique developments of our clinic. With this technique there are no need in titanium screws and reoperation for their removal. The seam is very small and it will be not visible in a year.

For desires of our patients, removal of bunion is performed under local or under general anesthesia. General anesthesia is brief venous. You can wake up after 1,5-2 hours and you can immediately get up on your feet. Bunion surgery lasts 30 minutes.

Also for desires of our patients surgery can be performed immediately on both feet or step by step: at first specialist removes bunion on one foot then after half a year/year on another one, it is depending on yours desires. Some patients come after two months to do surgery on the second foot.

Hallux valgus Hallux valgus
Before bunion surgery After bunion surgery

Recovery after Hallux Valgus surgery (bunion)

In our clinic you can immediately stand on your feet after surgery! With unique method of surgery there is no need in another techniques. Even there is no need in crutches. There will be only a band-age on your foot. A specialist will ask you to stand at 1,5 hours after surgery and will show you how to walk properly and help you to stand up on your feet.

During first days after surgery a load on feet should be dosed for a speedy recovery and for except side effects: during first three days after surgery you should walk about 5 minutes per day with a right reliance on a foot (specialist will tell you how to do it right). After 10 days you can return to your capacity for work. Of course a rate of recovery after Hallux Valgus surgery also depends on personal characteristics of organism, age, status of immunity, ability of tissues to heal and presence of concomitant diseases.

We perform

Hallux Valgus


For information: surgery of removing bunion can be done in any city in any country even free of charge, because this surgery is in the list of free municipal surgeries. But it will be done with usual classical technique, possibly with titanium screws that have to be removed, with wearing special footwear (Baruka) during few weeks and using crutches. And after surgery a recovery will be a long process up to six months. Our method is unique, only three surgeons in the world do that operation using this technique and two of them are in our clinic.

Removal of bunions is performed under local or general anesthesia. If patient desires surgery can be performed immediately on both feet. Bunions do not grow and do not hurt after surgery. It is much easier to walk, pain and discomfort go away.

After Hallux Valgus surgery you can stay in hospital for one night or return to the hotel if you want. The next day a specialist will make a check inspection and another local anesthesia. A specialist will also prescribe you anti-inflammatory medicines that you will need during post-operative period.

Stitches will be removed after 10 days and there will no any scars after surgery. A year later you won’t be able to find place where the incision was made.

Hallux valgusAfter Hallux Valgus surgery you will need comfortable free shoes for your foot in a bandage. Summer sandals or any other free footwear (with claps) are the best. If you had bunions with 3 or 4 stage of Hallux Valgus get ready for the changing of your foot and your old footwear will not fit to you. Spe-cialists recommend to wear “right” footwear: shoes with heels no more than 4-5 cm and with right shape for a toe (rounded, straight, not sharp-nosed). Of course you can walk on high heels, but it is not recommend to do this every day because it is harmful for your new beautiful feet without bunions! Healing and formation of the joint after surgery will occur during a year, free and comfortable foot-wear with heels no more than 2-3 cm are recommended during this period of rehabilitation. In the fu-ture there will not any restrictions.

Bunions are often a female problem, for example they appear when you are wearing shoes with high heels. There are several types of surgery, but our surgeons use unique method of operation. Surgery can be done immediately on both feet or step by step: at first a specialist removes a bunion on one foot then on another one.

Removal of bunion

After surgery you should protect your foot from bruises for a year, so try to wear close and free shoes. Do not run and do not jump! Just walk, increase a load on your foot and develop joint opportunity. Also for a complete foot recovery experts recommend to wear special orthopedic insoles (it would be better if they are made individually for you). If you follow all recommendations, a bone will not bother you and there will no need for another removal surgeries. Do surgery in our clinic and you will be very satisfied with your feet!

Today patients` bunions are quite common reason for consultation of surgeons. There are various methods of surgeries but they do not always bring a result that you desire, it is related to the long peri-od of recreation and a number of side effects. If there is that problem, you should remove your bun-ion, because conservative treatment of this disease is meaningless. In our clinic surgery on feet are elective with low side effects and without complications. For many patients this surgery is the only alternative to get rid of continuously accompanying discomfort on their feet. The result will bring you satisfaction!

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