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Our patients reviewsLeave your comments, ask questions, leave your suggestions and constructive criticism. Also you can call us or write for clarity information in the feedback form or on e-mail adress if you have any ques-tions.

Vera: Review about surgery

Thank you, GM CONSULTING team! So long I have got doubts about doing surgery or not (be-cause of scary, pain, long recreation period, crutches, special footwear and so on)! Surching the net I found information about surgery that is performed at the center of Wismar. From coordinator Gulnar Voronskaya I received full and clear answers about everything that was interesting for me. All organi-zational questions were solved very quickly! It lasted within less than a week from the first call to the performing of the surgery. Well-organized support during my stay in Germany, meeting at the airport and flight back with medical support! Very nice doctors, attentive, polite, smiling and competent! Two hours after surgery I could stand up!!!!! Next day I’ve already done a little walk around the city (the city is lovely). I recommend!


Alla: Thank you so much!

Thank you very much, Gulnar, Dr. Ulf, Michael and all people who helped and took care of me. Thank you for a reception and surgery of my bunions. My feet hurt for a long time. I was looking for a solution of that problem. I found this clinic on the net and decided to do a surgery. I’ve just called and...everything started. Gulnar organized the process, accompanied me (I don’t know German). I just came with my feet! Very friendly clinic stuff, charming and attentive Dr. Ulf and very serious anesthe-siologist Dr. Matthias. Gulnar and Michael helped me with special footwear and so on – they are pro-fessionals. And specially about Wismar - a charming little city on the seashore. Cozy and gentle))) Thank you very much, Gulnar. I would not decided to do surgery for a long time without your cheer-fulness and confidence in success! Since the surgery everything is fine with my feet, nothing hurts, I’m wearing ordinary shoes. Thank you very much!


Elena: Gorgeous guys, thoughtful, attentive, honest and take care of everyone

During all my life have been suffering with this bunion! I was very afraid of a surgery also I was scared of being at home during six months after a surgery, wearing special shoes in which you can only step on your heels and even jumping on crutches – I can’t afford it – I have to go to work! I des-paired...During last years I couldn’t choose comfortable shoes and it was too painful to walk! And then I found out about this clinic and this unique surgery. So I went...Of course, in the beginning, it was scary: unknown country, unknown people, foreign language. If it is a trick... But it was all super! Beautiful professional specialists, good clinic, helpful stuff. Russian-speaking guide from the agency accompanies you and solve all the problems and questions. The main thing is that it does not hurt! I left the center on my both legs and without crutches! I flew home the next day and after 10 days I re-turned to my normal work! Now I have got beautiful feet and I can afford to wear any shoes! Thank you!!!


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