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Cost of Hallux valgus treatment

  • Hallux Valgus surgery - 2380 €.

    Surgery of Hallux Valgus, visit a specialist before surgery, anesthesia and all necessary medical sup-plies that doctor will subscribe for you. One night at the medical center after surgery, nutrition.
  • Second visit to specialist before leaving, bandaging - 150 €.
    This service is recommended if you stay at the center more than 3 days, for the removal of sutures and for bandage before leaving.
  • X-ray - 110 €.
    This service is recommended if you stay for 10 days and it is necessary to do control X-ray before re-moval of sutures.
  • Translation of medical documents - 180 €.
    Contract with clinic, medical history sheet, statement of a performed surgery.
  • German-speaking patient accompaniment – 680 € for 4 days.
    English-speaking Germans are rare thing in Germany, so service with English and German-speaking tour guide are relevant (visit a doctor, in a hotel and another your wishes).
  • City transfer – 110 € for 4 days.
    We will take you to the medical center, take you away from the center, after surgery to a hotel, take you for a bandage and also if you need transfer around the city.
  • Transfer “airport (Berlin/Hamburg) – airport (Wismar)”- 300 € one way.
    Transfer by car on arrival and departure “airport (Berlin/Hamburg) – airport (Wismar)”.
  • Visa (invitation) - 100 €.
  • Hotel accommodation – 400 € for 4 days.
    Specially for you we select a hotel (easy placement after a surgery, an elevator, breakfast in a hotel inclusive in price, 4 stars hotel in beautiful location).

Treatment of Hallux Valgus

Our suggestion favorably compares with the fact that we perform not only unique Hallux Valgus surgery and that you return to your normal life after 10 days but also we can accompany you at every step of your stay: we will meet you at the airport, settle you in a hotel, take you for a consultation and surgery, next day after surgery, bring you to a hotel and be always near you if you need it! We will take you to the airport, control check-in and rganize medical transfer.

You only need to buy a ticket and come! It is not necessary to take relatives to take care of you after surgery – we will organize all the process.

The packet of treatment is not included next things (but you may need them):

  • medicines prescribed by your personal specialist
  • surgery of second toe (if necessary), it will be discussed during planning of surgery
  • an instep (a specialist sometimes recommends to wear them after surgery)
  • sandals or any comfortable footwear in which your foot with bandage will fit (you can bring sandals with you or buy them in Wismar)
  • removal of sutures (on 10 day after surgery, if you want to stay in the city more than 4 days) or removal sutures are held at home
  • a stick or a wheelchair for aged patients

Also we are ready to organize for you:

  • additional days in Wismar – more than 4 days included to a package (hotel and accompaniment)
  • excursions (Wismar is a very beautiful old hanseatic city and you will want to take a closer look)
  • shopping-tours to nearby cities

Before an arrival you need to prepare next things for surgery:

  • X-ray. You send us scanned X-ray for your specialist who tells you if your case is suitable for surgery and what difficulties may appear. Also you should bring your X-ray on a CD-room or flashcard.
  • General blood analysis. Valid for 4 weeks before surgery (if you are over 65 years, the condi-tions for preliminary analyzes can be different, it is discussed previously).


  • Prepayment should be paid no later than 7 days before surgery. We ask you to send electronic copy of the payment.
  • Balance of an amount (price of a package minus prepayment) is made not later than one day before surgery. Providing of a payment document is necessary.

It is pointless to smear bunions (foot bones) with ointment. Bunion is a bone excrescence on foot and if you are suffering from the hallux valgus deformity, do not wait! Do surgery! Various correctors and ointments for bunions do not give a stable result, because they can only get rid of symptoms, they can not treat the cause of a problem. Existing foot bunion can be removed only by surgery. Our unique method of surgery allows you to walk in two hours after surgery without using special footwear, without crutches and titanium screws!

Hallus valgusIf you want to find out more about services and prices, please, call the following numbers:

  • Germany, Wismar: +49 (160) 377 96 38 (consultation, free of charge)
  • Russia: +7 (927) 247 28 28 (organizational and general questions)
  • Russia: +7 (917) 874 11 99 (organizational and general questions)

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